The idea of building a data dashboard whoch would be used to target weak areas and reproduce best practice in order to help people learn better in developing countries.

What it does

We use the simple idea of the size of circles indicating how well a centre is performing for a given metric. We have made the interface very simple where you can choose to nalyse centres individually or together and then will see a dashboard of various metrics for them averaged over the last month. By clicking on a metric you can see its breakdown over several months.

How we built it

We mde this a java applet so that it can run on any platform and used JavaFX to create the GUI

Challenges we ran into

Collaborating over GitHub for the first time caused many issues in the beginning. We also had trouble designing a GUI and data analysis algorithms before the processing of inputs was complete.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to hve (hopefully) created something which works and provides meaningful information to the user. We hope that the practices used in most of our design are scalable and could be built upon easily to create a nice finished product.

What we learned

We learned how to collaborate over github and also to split work up as a team and communicate with eachother by defining the interfaces between each section before we started the actual code.

What's next for slate2learn

We hope that this project will be a basis that can be worked on and developed further in the future. We feel that our simple interface is a good idea as it is very visual and makes it easy to judge how well a centre is performing.

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