Use a Slack slash command to find movie information!


Slashmovie is a project that leverages claudiaJS and claudia-bot-builder to build and deploy to AWS Lambda and AWS API Gateway for a cheap / low-cost hosting solution.


If you would like to deploy this yourself, you will need the following:

  • A valid AWS account, with credentials that allow for AWS Lambda, AWS API Gateway and s3 access.
  • The Movie Database API key (see-below)
  • Slack slash command token
  • GNU Make
  • jq
  • npm


In order to deploy, you will need a The Movie DB API key for looking up movie poster art. Along with TMDB, this project uses the free Open Movie DB for general movie info lookup (no key required).

To set your TMDB key:

$ export TMDB_API_KEY=aflkj02e2elfkmsd092lk

or use it as a parameter when using make:

$ make create TMDB_API_KEY=aflkj02e2elfkmsd092lk


To create the initial deploy:

$ make create

To update project with your own Slack API token:

$ make update-slack

To redeploy:

$ make update

To destroy all associated AWS resources (be careful!)

$ make destroy


I've included a few 'smoke' tests to make sure things work with mocked out API responses, but testing in AWS Lambda is currently hard. This project uses the AVA test runner along with XO for linting.

$ npm run test
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