We noticed that clothing companies were throwing away the clothes that they didn't sell at the end of the season. They weren't just throwing them away, but they were literally slashing them up so that no one could wear them. We believe that this has a very significant negative impact on the community. These clothes could very easily contribute to helping the impoverished. By finding a way to encourage innovative change in the behavior of corporations in the industry of clothing, we can help bring these dejected clothes into the hands of the impoverished people who need them most.

We also noticed that a garment worker’s health is constantly being jeopardized through their long hours, lack of resources, exposure to harmful chemicals, and often physical abuse. The people who make fast fashion clothing have been confirmed to be underpaid, underfed, and pushed to their limits because there are often few other options. We would like to bring attention to this as an issue in the clothing industry as well.

Olivia Ea [10:56 AM]

How we built it

Back end: -SQLite Database -ORM SQLAlchemy -Flask framework

Front end: -HTML -CSS -Javascript

Challenges we ran into

-Displaying the images -Creating a database that enabled multiple users -Editing the database on the fly when considering how the clothing from the clothes table was displayed

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

-Creating a full-stack web application that addresses the issue in a realistic and feasible scale -Working cohesively as a team; the tasks were divvied up cleanly and there was constant communication and feedback -Tackling styling when none of us had much HTML/CSS/Bootstrap experience

What we learned

A major takeaway from this project was the impact of wasted clothing and how it is largely unaddressed.

What’s next for Slashed

In the future, we would like to reach out to companies and see if this is a business venture they would like to partner with us in the future.

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