INSPIRATION: Our inspiration surges from merchants being dependent on warehouses and wholesalers when they run out of inventory and ultimately losing the customer who tries to buy the product from the store. Due to covid the businesses are opting to shift towards online marketplaces and shopify is one such platform which allows any businesses to create stores in a giphy. So we as a team came up with an idea of start up that can keep the sales of the merchants growing by enabling them to know the customer conversions priorly and get the inventory from nearest stores through our service called SMATCH where the merchants can connect with other merchants to stock their inventory and to meet customer requirements who visit shopify merchant stores.

LEARNINGS: We acquired in-depth knowledge about shopify processes and problems. That a simple solution might most likely have the greatest potential to convince customers of your product or service.

HOW YOU BUILT : We have brainstormed for almost 6 hours and came up with a mock up for the dashboard that should be available with the merchants to tackle the problems of running out of inventory and losing their business. Later, we thought of frameworks that could help us in making MVP in given time and chosen python language and streamlit framework for making a sample dashboard based on small databases created using excel

Tech stack used in brief :

  1. Python 3.8 and Pycharm IDE for coding
  2. Streamlit for UI and quick workflow in website using python
  3. Excel for database creation

Here is the link for the MVP/ working prototype:

The code is available in the github repo attached in below link

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