From the perspective of "What would i want to do in virtual reality?" I imagined myself holding a samurai sword able to cut through everything.

What it does

We created a small VR scene where the player holds a sword and is able to cut through given objects, slicing them in half in real time. There are also throwable ninja starts!

How I built it

We built our project using Unity and some 3d modeling softwares such as Blender and maya.

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenge was the heart of our project: how to cut objects in half like slicing through them with a lightsaber. Quite fast we were able to create a cutting plane in 3D and the next challenge was to integrate this to a fixed length sword.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The slicing of objects is incredibly satisfying.

What I learned

Working with unity and 3d modeling software.

What's next for Slash it

We have the working technology to create an incredibly satisfying experience in virtual reality. Now we want to come up with a perfect idea how to use this opportunity.

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