Since I created "Rolling Hams" I always wonder what are the the extend potential & possibilities of earning the experience of Gaming on Smartwatch. At the same time I was inspired by my own drawing sequel comic back at the elementary school about an adventure of a boy in a world of imagination with all his fun and expressive friends. I was also super inspired by Kingdom Hearts, a full packed Action-RPG with colorful characters, unique story & fun battle system. From there I found the core inspiration of Slash & Bash and what it should be experienced.

What it does

Slash and Bash is an Action X Idle RPG game designed for Galaxy Watch with bright and cute tone. Both Slash & Bash can learn more Action and found Equipment by progressing the world further. Rotate the bezel or Swipe the screen to cycle between Actions, each Action is automatically charged & will automatically executed when reach full & being selected. While Player control Slash's Action, Bash is always there to give the passive support in combat. In the demo, Player want to help Slash finding Bash and return back to their Tree House from the field that held by cute monsters.

How I built it

I develop games by my own using Construct 2, a perfect tool for non-programmer like me. First I create the game itself, then I export it to Tizen platform. The exported file then moved to the Tizen-IDE / Tizen Studio which then will be packed into .WTG file to be able to run on Tizen Smartwatch such Samsung Galaxy Watch. Construct 2 can use Javascript in order to use various function on the device.

Challenges I ran into

  • Optimizing performance
  • Gameplay length (duration)
  • User's fun experience
  • Combat system mechanic
  • Sprite 2D animation
  • Utilizing device limitation for UI/UX
  • One man dev :')

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The game was released as free demo at Galaxy Store, and within few months it already played by over than 20,000 users with so much positive feedback & demand for a full version.

What I learned

Patience. Creating game with so less device spec & shape can take long time to develop. The only thing that keeps me going was my curiosity of it's potential and every player's expectation.

What's next for Slash & Bash

Complete the full version! The extended idea was to create a continuing story across different title I'm about to create. From sequel to spin-off, everything will share the same universe. Slash & Bash didn't stop at being the fun smartwatch game, but also can be wear as Watch Face to take into player's real world.

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