We've got experience building on our universities technology service, especially the undocumented ones. For this project, we wanted to build something as fun as slack to fill the place of crappy moodle forums and facebook study groups, with super streamlined on-boarding to get people talking to their classmates ASAP.

FYI if you try the service, it will be read-only unless you have a queens sign in

What it does

Sign in as a Queens Student. Get automatically put into a chat room of your peers for each of your classes. Take notes, discuss concepts, send gifs.

How we built it

Reverse engineered queens calender retrieval endpoint to grab class information. Go & SQL backend talking over websockets to a React.js frontend

Accomplishments that we're proud of

High concurrency, robust code, polish, fun extra features like "faving", automatic link embeds, top 10 faved, /gif [argument] for random gif, /face for a unicode art face, /quote for a quote, and of course the "is tims open" command to check campus tim hortons hours.

What's next for SlaQ

We want to get an official queens endpoint so we can retrieve schedule information in a more secure way. We also want to try to get classmates to use it in at least one classroom and give feedback. The mobile breakpoints could also use some work

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