SlapStick, the idea or the inspiration behind this could be none other than my friends who were so frustated to find cartoons especially 90's cartoons to watch for free and they had to download from torrent sites and these cartoons and comedy from the 90's made me nostalgic and that's where the idea was taken to the next stage

What it does

Simple Comedy . It does the simple work of entertainment, entertainment and entertainment. Nostalgic ? or In need for some laughter you can just search your favorite 90's cartoons, 00's cartoons, youtube channels , vines ,pranks, stand-up comedy and much more. Effortless youtube streaming


We build the android app with the android SDK and the language that we used is JAVA (so obvious and so old ) and the new KOTLIN for the effortless youtube streaming we used none other than youtube android player api ( Still not obvious ?) .We used the famous library of picasso in our project which I should have replaced it with Glide.

How We built it

Sometimes getting the playlist was a hard task when there are so many copyrighted videos and some videos are not even allowed to play on other websites or application. So we decided to solve this problem by taking the playlist way. We knew we wanted to display all the videos from a particular channel and we thought why not use the playlist id from the top and use it in our app and that solved the problem.

Challenges We ran into

Firstly I couldn't find a complete app which gave so many videos together except big companies like Amazon , netflix , hotstar . We decided not to ask anyone but take from youtube and we did just that.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It helps making something you always want to make and helps in developing my confidence more and more and passionate to continue doing quality work

What I learned

Youtube Video API
Better Designing
Need for a team Kotlin Language

What's next for SlapStick

Right now this app is at a very early stage in development. The minimum viable product has been implemented and everything works. Next Up Is Adding youtube like Pull Down and drag video anywhere Notifications for new video added by any channel Immersive Fullscreen mode Add to Favorites Button User Selected Channels and trending videos based on user's likes

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