One of the most notable new products out of Amazon recently has been the Amazon Dash Button. These Wi-Fi connected hardware buttons will order household items like detergent and Gatorade for you with just one press.

These physical Dash Buttons are great time savers and super effortless. We thought: could we provide a similar dead-simple buying experience with an iPhone app?

What's Slapdash?

Which products do you run out of all the time? Pick up to five products to add to your home screen. Whenever you want to order one of these products, simply press down on the button for two seconds. It's that simple! Your order will be shipped to you without any additional fuss or hassle. Slapdash is great for restocking you favorite products right at the moment when you notice yourself running low.

How We Hacked It

The app is built with Swift and iOS9. We used for our database. We combined the Buying API and Stripe to instantly order items from Amazon and charge our customers. We used the SDK to allow users to scan their credit cards with the iPhone camera, rather than having to enter this info manually.


Neither Amazon nor Walmart Labs provides an API for programmatic ordering. However, we were able to use the (third-party) Buying API to place orders on Amazon programmatically.


1) This thing WORKS (everything from sign-up, to credit card processing, to placing orders on Amazon).

2) Ordering stuff is CRAZY FAST. Just one press and it's getting shipped to you!

What's next for Slapdash?

1) Design

2) Allow customers to choose from more products and categories

3) Apple Watch app

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