We were interested in making a telegram game, inspired from popular games like LumberJack and Beat the Boss.

What it does

Enable players to relieve stress by allowing them to vent their frustrations on the chibi character. They can even name the character with the person they wish to vent their anger on, which cannot be done in real life.

How we built it

We researched intensively and realise that Phaser is a convenient and beginner-friendly framework that we could use to develop a HTML5 game. With much blood, sweat, tears and a sleepless night, we finally completed our game. YAY :>

Challenges we ran into

As we were budding developers, we faced a lack of experience and it was our first time developing a game. There was also a lack of time, hence we were unable to implement many features that we hoped to do in order to make our game more interesting.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It was the first time we all sat through 24 hours to develop a game and we managed to complete the basic functions of the game we aimed to do.

What we learned

Perseverance: We sat through 24 hours coding this game without sleeping a wink which was a really difficult task. Being self-motivated: We had to pick up the necessary technical skills on our own as it was our first time developing a game.

What's next for Slap Your Enermy

We were thinking of adding more features such as:

  1. Increasing the difficulty of the game as time passes so as to make it more challenging
  2. Enable the sharing of high scores among friends playing the game
  3. Enable users to personalise the chibi character by allowing them to insert the photo of the person as they wish.

Our game is best viewed on browser/ web telegram.

Members: 73 , 145, 152, 359

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