We feel that studying on campus is easier with a study buddy, but it's tedious and annoying to contact each and every friend asking whether they're studying or not and where. We wanted to build a one-stop way to locate friends to help catch up on class, or prepare for midterms and finals with.

What it does

SlapDemBooks is an app for students seeking other students to study with. You can check-in once you reach your chosen place of study, letting your friends know where you're currently studying, so they can join. With the list functions you can see where friends, or classmates, are studying on and around campus.

How we built it

We used firebase to log in and store data from users as well as react.js.

Challenges we ran into

We had merge conflicts with github and firebase which was sometimes hard to figure out. Additionally, getting the domain name to point to the project took some work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a product that we find genuinely useful and would use almost daily ourselves!

What we learned

Members of our team learned React.js and how to use Figma to mock up a user interface and then translate it into front end web dev.

What's next for Slap dem Books

Implement a map feature to visually show where your friends are studying on campus. Adding in community board, where users can message each other privately to aid in arranging their meetups, or post messages for the greater SlapDemBooks community to view.

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