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I'm new to the crypto-currency world and found it hard to understand how digital currency moves around. I wanted to build an app that made it as simple as possible for people to give crypto to another person.

What it does

SLaP is an iPhone app that makes it as easy as tapping two phones together to send crypto currency. The app integrates with the Bitcoin Cash network. It has a one-tap action to create your wallet. To send BCH, just tap the action button to begin. Bring your phone near another user running the app to exchange info. You can then set the amount in dollars, and confirm the send. The other user receives the request and confirms by tapping accept. The amount is converted to BCH and sent to the other user's account. Transactions can be reviewed in the Wallet screen.

How I built it

I created a native iOS app in Swift. I integrated a library for interfacing to the Bitcoin Cash network. I wrote the rest of the code to communicate between devices and present the user interface.

Challenges I ran into

I am very new to the crypto world and had a LOT to learn. Setting up and testing the device-to-device communication was tricky and took a lot of testing. I went through 3 libraries for communicating with the Bitcoin network. I spent a great amount of time with the first library only to find that it wouldn't sync properly with testnet. I had to re-write the networking layer of the app twice to work with other libraries.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I learned a lot about crypto. I feel much more comfortable with it moving forward. I like how easy the app is to use.

What I learned

A LOT about crypto currencies and Bitcoin cash in particular.

What's next for Slap

I'd like to continue the library integration and update the interface with more info about transactions and balances. I plan to move to mainnet at some point. I want to investigate implementing SLP (that's where the name SLaP comes from) so one can send digital assets and not just money.

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