When I heard about the Slack hackathon, I wondered if I could do something interesting with it. I've been a Twitter user for 14 years, and I was wondering if I could create this kind of function on Slack. Don't you think that a social network consisting of only Slack users would be a more positive and powerful network?

What it does

SlaIM is a social networking application that allows you to post like Twitter or Facebook. SlaIM is a social network application that allows you to post messages like Twitter or Facebook. You can follow your favorite users, share your favorite posts, and other social networking features.

How we built it

The app was built using Bolt for Python and is built on Heroku. PostgreSQL is used as the database. AWS S3 is used for image storage, which stores images uploaded by users.

Challenges we ran into

For images posted in Slack, you can get the public URL by using the files.sharedPublicURL API. On the other hand, the image block that can be used in BlockKit requires the URL of the image to be specified, and the public_url_shared retrieved earlier could not be used. Therefore, we decided to re-upload the uploaded image to AWS S3 and use the URL to share it.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

Twitter and Facebook are very well designed. In particular, the notifications for replying, following, and sharing are well thought out, and when they work well, they contribute to increasing the frequency of SNS usage. In SlaIM, we have incorporated a function that notifies you via DM when you reply. In the future, we believe that sending notifications at various times in the same way will promote usage.

What's next for SlaIM -Instant Messager for Slack-

We plan to enhance the notification function. For users who get too many notifications, there should also be a mechanism to cancel unwanted notifications. By making the app better, we would like to contribute to the growth of social networking by Slack users.

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