Widespread and continuing employment discrimination against LGBT people has been documented in scientific field studies. Between 11% & 28% report losing a promotion simply because of their sexual orientation. 27% of transgender workers report being fired, not hired, or denied a promotion in the past year.So this let us choose the topic equity and inclusion and made us think why could we just make an application for differently abled people to showcase their talents !So we thought upon an idea that was just not made to show case their talents but also to uplift them financially. So we combined an e-commerce platform where they could sell the products made by themselves . Firstly , they are given with an opportunity to flourish with their talents , let it be singing ,dancing, drawing etc. Secondly , they could earn through our app by selling the commodities they made. So next we thought upon why can't we just uplift the LGBTQ community .So we decided to show the job opportunities that are reserved for them. We are just letting them know that they are also cared ,valued and abled!

What it does?💻

SLAGE is an end to end service-based mobile application for differently abled people. We know how much the differently abled people face in this society and their difficulties to earn daily living. Here this works as a platform for them to showcase their skills and as an e-commerce platform as they can become a self entrepreneur by selling their handmade products. This application is completely their space, giving importance to their happiness and improving talents. Also another important point in this application is the job vacancies reserved and prioritised for women and non binary people are shown, to uplift them to the society by financially aiding through job.

How we built it?🔨

We used Figma even though we are beginners.We learned a lot being in every stage of our app development.

Challenges we ran into🧠

We were a small team, lacking basic major skills, but we survived by learning skills within a short span of time. The network issue was also one of the issues we faced.

Accomplishments that we're proud of🏅

We are happy that we could do something in including the most discriminated set of people in such a short span of time . We also have a plan to implement this application in future days!

What's next for Slage🚀

In the near future, we plan to convert from design to code and build an app using Flutter and also, implement a real time chat and video calling feature.

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