Splack - pay your community with only their @username

Slack crypto payment integration




Currently, there is no seamless way to send your favorite coins to one another. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to do all this within a messaging application that most of us already use?

What it does

We made a bot for Slack that enables users to send each other value in any coin using only their @username. You can select which coins are your favorite to receive or send in.

Example Command: "/pay @exampleUser 0.01 BCH"

How We built it

We connected the coinbase api and the slack api using a Ruby and Heroku backend.

Challenges I ran into

Coinbase security has a 48 hour hold on their api keys, forcing us to explore other payment models.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Anyone can now send payments to their slack community members. Last night, one us ordered food and we paid each other back using Splack on our mobile Slack apps.

What I learned

Well, we got hacked. $81 was drained from one of our coinbase accounts. Exposing your Coinbase API is a questionable action.

What's next for Splack

  1. Enabling coin swaps to send any to any. Scrapping Coinbase for a wallet API that can do trades on a DEX like Bitshares or Shapeshift would allow us to automatically swap coins to allow employers spend in the coin they want and freelancers to accept payments in the coin they prefer. No more hassle!

  2. Porting Splack to other platforms like Discord or even streaming sites such as Twitch or Chaturbate.

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