I am part of the organizing committee of WearHacks, which organizes hackathons for Wearable technology. We communicate with each other via Slack more than 90% of the time as we are located in different cities (Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Seattle). We use Slack everyday with atleast one notification every hour. My inspiration came from the fact that we can still communicate via Slack if there is no internet. That is where the Twilio and Slack API comes into play. I used these APIs and implemented my project in Go (or Golang), which I was learning and using for the very first time.

My project allows my team members to notify/update each other regardless of availability of internet; if they need to give an immediate update and not want to open their laptops at that moment, they can just text the team over the relevant Slack channel. Second feature of my project allows team members of slack to SMS each other directly from Slack. One scenario is if we cannot get in touch with each other via slack (being offline or away from the laptop), we can text them directly via Slack.

The aim of this project is to keep each other uptodate regardless of location and internet availability hence improving productivity and communication.

Note: Website URL does not link to any webpages. It is just a deployed route against which I sent POST requests for sending SMS to Slack and from sending SMS from slack to a team member

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