SlackGirlMagic is a slack bot that posts a quote, profile, poem, piece of artwork, video, etc from a person of an underrepresented background every day in a configurable slack channel at a configurable time. (The person we highlight doesn't have to be in tech, what we are looking for are stories from backgrounds that are underrepresented in tech.) This is an effort to include, inspire, and empower people from underrepresented backgrounds and educate people not from that background about that community and its history. For example, Sor Juana Ines De La Cruz is aguably one of the first academic femenists and yet we in the US never hear about her whe we are studying the women's movement. On a given day, we would highlight a profile of her and include some of the poetry, or stories she wrote. SlackGirlMagic will provide a mix of historical and current figures in an effort to reclaim our own history and narratives.

Lets diversify your slack channel!

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