DialogFlow Analytics + Slack bot


To make it incredibly simple to have a slack bot grab your Dialogflow's analytics data and give you a daily update on how it's performing

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Check out slackflow or flowlytics on npm or on github


I'm a huge chatbot and voice assistant app developer, so I browse Google's Dialogflow product help forums everyday to help other developers as well as find useful things for myself. After seeing 10 posts about wanting their to be an API to grab the Analytics data, I decided to reverse engineer how Dialogflow's analytics page was working and hence Slackflow and Flowlytics was born.

How it's built

We first created and used Flowlytics library as a wrapper for the unpublished Dialogflow Analytics API so all you need to do is provide your headers and slack tokens in order to grab that data and get it into Slack. If you just want the data, head over to Flowlytics

What I learned

Trying to get a refresh token or jumping through Google Auth is incredibly hard and I ended up having to ditch it and focused my efforts on making this as user friendly as possible for another developer to come help with that in the future. I also learned that Promises and callbacks together get's really sketchy and weird

What's next for Slackflow and Flowlytics

The next thing I'd do for Flowlytics is try and figure out how to automate refreshing the tokens from Dialogflow so you're not having to grab that token every 7 days. For Slackflow I'd add slash commands and events so users have more power for specifying the data and time frame they want without having to be a developer


Built by Josh Benner @ HackIllinois2018. Feel free to make suggestions and pull requests to improve the project.


This project is licensed under the terms of the MIT license.

Prizes Reasoning

Data Storage and Migration and Hard core, Soft ware - There's over 30k Alexa skills, and 1 million actions on Google Assistant powered by Dialogflow, so being able to have a tool that helps you access the data analytics of your bot so you can improve it over time is the basis for this whole project

Information Overload - Bots are taking over the world so Slackflow's goal is to organize their data in order for bots to improve and make a difference in people's lives, especially those disadvantaged who rely more on bots than most

Building the Future of Financing and Fund Your Dreamscape The reason I'm into digital assistants is that my startup is an app based off one, and thus we've been talking to VC's and Angels and having this data to show usage patterns has been crucial in showing that apps built off digital assistants is financially viable

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