Teams often need to ensure everyone is awake and prepared, but it can be hard to coordinate someone ensuring everyone is awake. This bot automates the wake up process.

What it does

Given a slack team. The bot asks everyone at a set time if they are awake. The users will then respond to Master Oogway if they are awake. Once a set time passes, Master Oogway announces the teammates that are not awake and prepared to the general chat so someone can wake them up.

How we built it

We used an open source framework that is used in making slackbots with Javascript:

We hacked away at the available commands until we created Master Oogway.

Challenges we ran into

To ease the development process, the Botkit framework only offers a small set of actions that its bots can perform. We ran into the problem of trying to utilize the given commands that were available for our aspirations.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Master Oogway works and is relatively fun to use!

What we learned

While frameworks for building bots is relatively easy, the investment to create the bot from scratch would go a long way.

What's next for Slack Wake-up bot - Master Oogway edition

More functionality

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