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Receive text messages for conversations on Slack channels via Twilio. Available on npm.



Gettin started is really easy. Install slack-texts via npm:

$ npm install --save slack-texts

Use it in your project:

// app.js

var slack_texts = require('slack-texts');

// Specify your Slack and Twilio keys
var keys = {
  slack:  { token   : "<SLACK-TOKEN>" },
  twilio: { 
    sid:   "<TWILIO-SID>",
    token: "<TWILIO-TOKEN>",
    phone: "<TWILIO-PHONE>" 

// Configuration
var options = { 
  team_name: 'go-team', 
  ignore_case_keywords: true,
  print_intro: false,
  keywords: [ 'economy', 'responsive' ],
  channel_names_to_monitor: [ 'announcements', 'development' ],
   [ { phone: '+10000000000' },
     { phone: '+19999999999' },
     { phone: '+15555555555' } ]

// Initialize & start
var st = slack_texts.init(keys, options);

// Do other things ... 


$ node app.js --harmony

Since the module uses es6 features, please use the --harmony flag to run until node supports es6 features by default.


  • Specify phone numbers to send messages to.
  • Monitor a specific list (or all) channels
  • Allow only messages that contain specific keywords




Initializes and returns a slack_texts instance. (It is a wrapper around a new slack_texts(..) call). The methods has two arguments:

  • keys The first argument of slack_texts.init(..) should contain Twilio and Slack API keys as in the example above. All properties in the keys object from the example are required.

  • options The second argument of slack_texts.init(..) has more interesting properties:

    • team_name String of the team name to mention in the text messages. (optional, default: "")
    • ignore_case_keywords Boolean indicating whether to ignore case when filtering messages by keyword. (optional, default: true)
    • print_intro Boolean indicating whether to print introductory information on start up. (optional, default: false)
    • keywords Array of Strings of the keywords to filter messages by. If a message contains at least one of the keywords, it will be used for text notifications. To disable keyword filtering, either ignore the property or pass in an empty array. (optional, default: [])
    • channel_names_to_monitor Array of Strings of the keywords of the channels to listen to. If a new message is sent on these channels, it will be used for text notifications. To listen to all channels, either ignore the property or pass in an empty array. (optional, default: [])
    • send_to_contacts Array of Objects, with each object containing a phone property that is a phone number String. Any messages that meet the criteria above are sent as text messages to these phone numbers.


Starts listening for messages asynchronously. The method has no arguments.


The following modules are required and are pulled automatically by installing slack-texts:

  • ws
  • querystring
  • twilio
  • request


Pull requests are welcome.

  1. Fork the repository
  2. Create your feature branch (git checkout -b my-new-feature)
  3. Commit your changes (git commit -am 'Add some feature')
  4. Push to the branch (git push origin my-new-feature)
  5. Create new Pull Request

You can also create an issue for new features and bug fixes.


The MIT License. Please see the LICENSE file at the root of this repository.

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