We use Stack Overflow everyday as developers, but we spend so much time searching for things. This makes Stack Overflow real time, saving developer time.

What it does

Uses Slack to coordinate a Q & A site.

How we built it

Ana our bot for the slackroom, is built using python and the slack api.

Challenges we ran into

Slack Api limitations. A goal of ours was to create this bot without a database. This caused many problems that required some thoughts.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Bot correctly captures new questions, creates the channel, and brings in the people interested in the specific topic.

What we learned

  • The slack api
  • Ideal bot functionalities ## What's next for Slack Overflow
  • Gamification, like stack overflow
  • Have Ana handle more, i.e closing channels, handing communications, assign points etc...

Built With

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