Slack app developer was a bottleneck for any slack app office bot-message update that has to be done by Office Manager. What if we can eliminate the developer so that the Office Manager can schedule a message on her own without the need for developer support.

What it does

It lets you create instant Slack app message, schedule message & view schedules messages.

How I built it

Forge Marco app for Confluence and using Slack API.

Challenges I ran into

Not able to use the Slack Node SDK, end up building my slack API calls using the Forge API fetch.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  1. Eliminate the Slack app developer's need to create and schedule a message for the Slack office bot: no waiting time, freedom for Office Manager.
  2. The zero learning curve for the Office Manager, Quicker to schedule messages, as office manager, is already comfortable using Confluence.
  3. Instead of creating another Slack app-admin UI web app with worrying about server, hosting deployment, and security, Forge lets you build apps faster.

What I learned

You can create Forge apps faster and secure, without worrying about the hosting, design, UI frameworks for faster development.

What's next for Slack Officebot App Admin Forge Macro app

  1. Delete scheduled message
  2. Schedule message to a specific user, birthday wishes, anniversary …
  3. Use current user time for scheduling the message

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