Increasingly government departments around the world are offering up open data as a service to their citizens. This is often done using the CKAN platform. Unfortunately, most of these services are offered on a best effort basis and represent a shaky foundation for third parties to build apps and offer commercial services. There is clear need for cost effective and ideally open source service assurance solutions which can alert the data providers about outages. We are illustrating how an existing open source service assurance platform can be effectively applied to this task

What it does

The solution performs synthetic json transactions against the various data sources and reports on the service availability as perceived from the user perspective. It allows a business service view to be constructed which shows how a service which utilises several data sources will be effected by an outage in a sub component.

How we built it

We build an OpenNMS platform on Bluemix and integrated this with Elastic Search and Kibana also hosted on Bluemix. We configure polling of the json services on a 5 minute basis for a selection of services listed in We tested the ideas by talking to various government representatives as we built the demonstration. We utilised the latest feature rleased in the last few months by the OpenNMS project called 'Business Service Management' to give a topology view of the managed services. We built a TM Forum SLA interface for OpenNMS to allow user to register for SLA events.

Challenges we ran into

Understanding the json api's and working out the best way to poll them to exercise the back end. Data Quest stopped supplying their GIS map tiles yesterday (July 11th) disrupting the gis view of services.

SLA and Trouble Ticket interfaces

Last Hackathon we added the TM Forum trouble ticket API to OpenNMS. This would probably be the preferred interface for dealing with trouble. However this hack we worked on the SLA interface but just implemented the notification profile for clients which register for notifications.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Proving that this is a viable solution for monitoring the availability of open data at scale.

What we learned

TM Forum SLA interface

What's next for Sla management for smart city open data

Finding ways to more easily configure the platform using XML spreadsheets.


try the demo at the URL below. username admin pw minad1234 on toolbar select maps>topology and on left side select view>business services

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