Everyday when I get ready to school its hard to decide what I want to wear. Another problem is to also know if it's going to rain today. So, i took both my problems together and found a solution, SkyWatchApparel.

How it works

It is an ios app that we created using swift targeted for school going girls. In the app you can set the longitude and latitude for the place whose weather you are trying to find. We used the API from openweathermap ( find the weather for every 3 hours. We coded so that the weather is calculated into 4 different summaries. First priority is given to snowy, second to rainy and third to sunny. So that if its snowy, it takes you to the viewcontroller that shows girls can wear that day to school.

Challenges I ran into

We are iOS beginners and we just started learning two weeks ago. Some challenges we ran into were switching between different view controllers, as it kept crashing.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We got a working pogramme and we could get fashionable outfits in an app that is very useful.

What I learned

I learned to think like a programmer and we also learned how to break down through errors to find a solution.

What's next for SkyWatchApparel

First we will get the iOS developer licence, so that we can publish it on the appstore. We will extend the app to boys and all age levels. We will also try to intergrate the programme with the GPS to find the latitude and longitude faster. We will also try to attach the nearest shop name and price along with every piece of cloth. We are also planning to extend it to Android.

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