re:Invent 2019 Hackathon: SkyTruth

Project Structure

High Level

All around the world oil is being spilled into the seas and winding up on the beautiful shorelines of our earth, but no one knows. How do we effectively and quickly get people to see this problem? It's a challenging problem, given that this oil comes from ships which travel on the seas and are always moving. Even if an oil spill can be detected, how do you know which ship, of the thousands on the seas, caused it?

SkyTruth has a process already to deal with this, but it is not as automated and timely as it could be. This solution was improved upon in this project to reach a number of goals:

  • Expose the data on spill to the world.
  • More fully automate the process.


  • We used AWS, with SageMaker, Lambdas to automate hte process which gets ported to an impactful UI which shows the results to the user.
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