What is it like being an air traffic controller?

What it does

Our project is a virtual reality air traffic controller simulator. This simulator emulates the experience of being an air traffic controller. Navigate planes to a safe spot as the wind blows in many directions and avoid airplane collisions. You can also learn more about being an air traffic controller such as the work environment & the duties of being an air traffic controllers on the main menu screen.

Unlike other air traffic management games you can see on smart phones, this game gives you the full immersive experience of being an air traffic manager. The game will also include possible external factors that can be faced in real life such as wind direction & speed. This virtual reality experience will allow inexperienced air traffic controllers to train and those who want to learn how does an air traffic controller work without the risk and fear of making fatal damages in the real world.

How we built it

We built this simulator by using Unity accompanied by HTC Vive.

Challenges we ran into

Making path follow system using waypoints took us quite a time to understand. We finally managed to understand & implement the method properly into our simulator.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to finish the game in 36 hours and we learned a lot of new things

Built With

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