Inspired by watching condensation forming on a computer cooling system.

What it does

The project produces water from the ambient air. This condensate can then be collected and filtered. The filtered water can be used to drip irrigate crops.

How I built it

There are several parts to the hardware. First of all there is a solar panel which provides power for the whole unit. The cooling motors are mounted on aluminum cooling fins. The final component is the solid state Peltier panel that produces a temperature differential when a current is applied to it. That temperature difference is fairly large and causes condensation to form on the cooling fins to be collected and purified.

Challenges I ran into

Solar energy is notoriously unstable unless the area has a stable atmospheric pressure.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

The first time frost formed on the cooling fins and I realized the was getting too cold to produce water. Plugging in the entire project into he solar panel and having the motor running.

What I learned

There is more work to be done but being able to create water from ambient air is an exciting endeavor that deserves to be developed into a viable product that can be used around the world.

What's next for skycap

Possibly launching a crowdfunding project to reach more

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