SKYSync+ was created with Caregivers in mind. It's the platform designed to manage assisted living, senior care, or rehabilitative facilities in a lightweight, open source package.

What it does

SKYSync provides an interface and monitoring solution that delivers urgent and significant information to Caregivers. It consists of an administrative web application and a companion Pebble smartwatch application that work in tandem. Residents are given smartwatches preloaded with the software, effectively establishing continuous monitoring for location, physical activity, sleeping habits, and more.

How we built it

The webapp is built with PHP, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, and CSS with an underlying set of APIs driven by a MySQL database. This interfaces with the smartwatch running a PebbleJS application to exchange data between all three components. Frontend styling is provided by the Materialize CSS framework. APIs used include Google Maps and Pushbullet.

Challenges we ran into

Many of our problems were minor issues with Javascript and JQuery. After some tinkering we were able to resolve most issues, and our dependence on JS for this project pushed us to better understand the language.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

The underlying backbone of the entire project was the most difficult yet rewarding component. We created an internal API to serve the appropriate data to each leg of the project (webapp and Pebble app), and this made the interactions more efficient and portable in the long run.

What we learned

The group as a whole learned much about web technologies--throughout the project we were pushed to use unfamiliar approaches to the problems at hand and each of us took away lessons in data transportation, security, and wearables.

What's next for SKYSync+

SKYSync+ will benefit from more development. It is apparent that a tool of this nature has a place in the senior and health care industries, and the team looks forward to further exploring the future of the platform.

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