Connecting people nowadays is extremely easy thanks to the rapid growth of technologies. We would like to make Skype community as sociable

What it does

This bot will help you to look for friends to talk with. Random friends, friends with same hobbies , your choice.

How we built it

The bot is made from Microsoft's Bot Framework. Our persistence layer is backed with MongoDB and our server-side is implemented with Node to speed up development and deployment

Challenges we ran into

Bot Framework is totally new to all of us. None of us has developed a Bot before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A Bot that can actually response and interact with users even though we only had 40 hours!

What we learned

We learned how to make a simple bot with BotFramework which is simple enough to conform our project requirement Node.JS is a good choice for multi-platform application development . We've got a touch of how an AI Bot could work and how awesome they could behave to help people connect with each other.

What's next for SkypeForFriends

Later on we would need to learn more about how to make the most use of BotFramework to

  • Improve UI / UX
  • Improve on how to make friends with people with the same hobby ( which may not be possible for now )
  • Make the Bot smarter with survey based on popular choices from users using machine learning techniques.

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