Arranging a Skype meeting takes time because:

  1. participants need to agree on a common time
  2. the organizer needs to notify the participants

What about a chatbot that automatically arranges this for you?

What it does

The chatbot helps you create a Skype meeting in minutes, meanwhile it:

  • finds a suitable time for all the participants
  • notifies the other participants

How I built it

I used Microsoft Bot Framework as the backend. Plus, I leveraged Microsoft Cognitive Service for intent detection.

Challenges I ran into

  1. Natural language understanding is hard.
  2. Building a real intelligent dialogue system (the true AI) is hard.
  3. I am not sure how to customize the

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I built my first bot! Though it's simple.

What I learned

How to build a bot for Skype as well as Slack.

What's next for Skype Meeting Arranger

  1. More intelligence
  2. Better time slot recommendation

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