Origin: How we came up with this thing? -> sharing documents/data without having direct connectivity between devices why?... -> started out as an educational platform to deliver the takeaways of the lecture content on the fly -> issues faced

  • can't tackle long data > came up with RGBQR by merging three QR codes > apparently can handle three times more data than regular QR codes -> still can't have enough data to share document cuz the goal was to be able to successfully deliver document -> have .gif issue: can't have a similar mechanism(or something) as regular scanner cuz need to decode multiple decodes -> sol: to capture frames in regular interval of 10ms and same for the gif -> issue: capturing time may coincide with the time the gif is changing -> sol: capturing not in the regular interval but alternatively 8, 12, 8, 12, 8... -> issue: the sequence of QR codes may mess up if QR codes get missed
  • sol: putting (qr_no/total_qr) in each QR code to arrange it in the sequence also as an assurance ki code is successfully decoded

trade of- little efficiency over much data

can't compare with the benchmarks cuz didn't try on phone scanner

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