Sometimes, when you look up at the sky, it's nice to know that all your friends are looking up at the same sky. Everyone sharing the same sky allows us to see the same constellations and planets among the stars. We though, well why not add one more thing to that sky. With skyline, it would be possible to point your phone at a certain part of the sky, write out a message, and notify your friends that you've wrote something among the stars. When they point their phone into the night, at the exact position where you left your message, they'll see a starry version of what you had written. Further into development, we would add an ability to send private messages and perhaps draw something that your friends can hunt for in the sky.

Notes: Not working as of yet (haven't yet figured out how to place activities on top of each other in Java) Some methods exist as unimplemented code, which would have been used if we had a bit more time The demo as of now just accesses the camera API and will put a dialog box over the the background

How We Would Have Done This: When you write a message, the text and positional information(pitch, yaw, roll) would be saved in a file which would be sent to your friends When your phone gets within bounds of the item, it appears on your phone screen We tried converting the text inputted from a string to bitmap to png, but didn't know how to go any further in this

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