It's my deepest desire is to be a change-maker in the academic sector and I support SDG goal 4 which is quality education. Education has been suffered a blow especially with the global pandemic, my passion to make sure students gain relevant work skills and earn money while studying led me to this project.

What it does

Skylar incorporates student focused learning through active student participation in researches and special tasks. Students will interact with digital simulations, this ensures that students make connection with what is being taught and real science is delivered. Skylar matches students with companies all around the world for job opportunities and the ability to earn while learning. We also offer incentives while learning, Skylar incopertates a gamification model in which compete while learning to win tokens which they can spend on Skylar to purchase premium educational contents. We make payment easy by using the Blockchain-based Stellar network. We chose Stellar because it makes it possible to move money with a digital representation of money like the dollars and naira, creating a very fluid payment system.

How we built it

Skylar was built for the android platform, Android studio was used for the development and the codes were written in Java

Challenges we ran into

First of all this is my first time to build a solution that incorporates blow chain technology and most solutions don't prefer the java language, so it was tough learning it at first.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This is the first app I'm building. I started learning mobile app development in May 2021 because of my passion to bring technological solutions to the current world's educational problems. I also submitted this project to the Top Next Blockchain Hackathon, but it was built within the timeline of defi summer and we continued building after the Top Next Blockchain Hackathon.

What we learned

Blockchain technology, stellar development and how to store files in IPFS with the etheruim network.

What's next for Skylar

We are launching our MVP this week and we hope to roll out our main product in the next two months. We have over 5,000 students enrolled in Skylar by February 2022.

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