Lumever is an edtech company that is focused on achieving the SDG goal 4, which is aimed towards achieving equitable and quality education. We developed a mobile app skylar in July 2021. Skylar is an online educational platform where students in Nigeria can gain relevant work skills in line with their career path and have access to  job internship and global apprenticeship opportunities and be able to receive payments from any part of the world.

What it does

How it works • Individual presentations and group workshops Skylar incorporates student focused learning through active student participation in researches and special tasks.

• virtual skill training simulation Students will interact with digital simulations, this ensures that students make connection with what is being taught and real science is delivered.

• Reward based learning Skylar incorporates a reward based learning where students can earn tokens while learning and also have access to jobs to earn money

• Secure E-Portfolio for student academic records Students’ performance in Skylar will be recorded and stored in a secure server, these can be retrieved by schools during application of a job.

How we built it

We built with android studio We use Stellar which is a flexible payment system that is open to everyone. We chose Stellar because it makes it possible to move money with a digital representation of money like the dollars and naira, creating a very fluid payment system.

Challenges we ran into

We had limited time

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Skylar App

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