For the past 2 years, we've been working on Skyhitz ( a music video streaming app with a vision to change music and empower creators through the use of blockchain.

With Skyhitz, you can listen and see more than 2 million music videos without ads on iOS or Android. It supports background playback, playlist creation and liking functionality. We constantly update our library to get the latest music released on Youtube. We want to transform the music industry and ensure that artists get paid for their work while giving the public the power to be the talent scouts. Users have the opportunity to be the A&R's of music and be rewarded for finding the best music before others do. The earlier you support hit songs by contributing to an artist's online tip jar (which we are launching in the next update), the more reputation you get. We manage the entire process on the blockchain to bring artists and fans closer.

We recently launched on Product Hunt (, and we thought this would be a great app to submit on devpost since it uses a lot of technologies developed by Facebook.

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