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Checkpoint 2:

Progress from the last checkpoint:

Achieved deliverables: getting a timeline for UX upgrade release, organised data and 40% completed with entry. Organising our community information via hashtags for easier referencing of topics: DIY, NEED HELP, SMART FARMING; TRADITIONAL FARMING, MYFARM. Bootstrapping spaces and projects onto the platform, developing the wireframe with Sharetribe open-source to create a match+search platform. We are also learning so much from all the webinars!


Because of the last minute entry to the hackathon and lack of understanding of what requirements were/are, we have faced some lack of being as engaged as we would like. However, the coordinators and mentors, and team players offer help at every turn and have been learning how to engage in the process in the best way we can and are growing through the challenge.

Plans until the next Checkpoint:

Maybe get a little sleep. Ha. But honestly, our plan is to stay focused, connected, and determined on arriving at the next checkpoint with more developed MVP.

What have you been building AND how do you validate your solution?

Currently developing our data strategy, lead generation strategy, recruiting more open-source software participants, volunteers, and agripreneurs to start farming projects in their local community. We are actually validating our solution during this hackathon as we have some coders who have never wanted to garden or farm before, but are now activated as volunteers, and getting involved in the agriculture conversation.

The solution is making it convenient, easy, exciting, rewarding and enjoyable to connect to farming and food. As we say, KNOW IT or GROW IT.

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