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Checkpoint 1:


SkyFarms is shifting consumers lack of resources, perceptions, understanding and incentives to get involved in local farming. We connect space to people, people to volunteers, experts and stakeholders to people, and farmers to the community. Providing an extra incentive to conveniently find a way through the fragmented and flooded marketplace of AgTech which is a solution to integrate food into urban planning. Access to this information, technology, resources and community is what the Smart Agriculture Hub solves.

We train local citizen to open their own nodes, or chapters, of the HUB to make impact in their own community and recruit new agripreneurs as a way of scaling the network. This has worked for organizations like SlowFood, which are focused on traditional farming primarily. The open-source development of ICTs that connect, collect data, analyse, guide, facilitate, organise and manage the platforms expansion, lead generation, interaction and engagement opportunities digitally, globally and locally.


Project Lead: Activating volunteers around hackathon, administrating, managing and facilitating process. Data Science Lead: Completion of our data entry to plug into machine learning tool and research Business Lead: Upgrading message, financials, and strategy to generate leads and capture data IT Lead: UX Upgrades to implement data extraction and search+match features Graphic Design Lead: Managing impact kit creation for dissemination, branding, managing research reports, and DIY packets for quarantine VICTORY GARDENS

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