Starfall Galaxy is an action-packed, top-down RPG that immerses players in a persistent and dynamic world. Players will be able to customize their ships and crew, engage in thrilling space battles, and explore the galaxy, all while managing resources and making strategic decisions. The game offers a unique blend of exploration, combat, and customization that will keep players engaged for hours on end. With a focus on player autonomy, players can choose to ally or go to war with other factions, terraform planets, mine resources, and build their own fleets. The in-game economy called Fluxx, driven by player actions, adds an extra layer of depth and value to the experience. Whether you're a hardcore gamer or a casual player, this game is sure to provide an exciting and satisfying experience.


The READY PLAYER 3 | thirdweb's Web3 Gaming Hackathon presented us with a unique opportunity to build something innovative and fun and for some turn a dream into reality. With a spark of excitement and a desire to showcase our skills to the world, our team embarked on this journey to create a 2.5/3D top-down space game catered to Web3. Little did we know that the placeholder name "Starfall Galaxy" would become the permanent title for our creation. Our collective passion for a diverse range of games from all genres combined with a love for Web 3, crypto & NFTs, books, movies, and shows, led us to combine nostalgic elements from all these sources into one immersive experience. Our initial gameplay idea was born out of the process of mapping out a game controller layout in Miro. Using this as a starting point, our team was able to build on the foundational elements and create a game design that could be considered both engaging and intuitive for players. By combining this idea with advanced dev tools, we were able to bring some of our vision to life

What it does

Starfall Galaxy is an action-packed, top-down RPG space game where players can customize their ships and crew, explore the galaxy, mine resources, terraform planets, and build their own fleets to conquer the galaxy and defeat rival factions. With a focus on player autonomy, players can make strategic decisions, form alliances, engage in real-time space combat, and shape the in-game economy. The game objective is to explore, combat, and customize your way through a persistent and dynamic world.

While we intended for the game controls to operate in a certain way, we were unable to fully implement them due to the challenges that life presented.

Aim with your cursor - Cursor determines the direction the ship travels Hover over events on Planets, Ships, Space Stations, Asteroids etc.

  • Primary Fire = LMB
  • Secondary Fire = RMB
  • Shields = MMB
  • Move Forward / Back = W/ S
  • Strafe = A,D
  • Dodge Left = Double Tap A
  • Dodge Right = Double Tap D
  • Speed Up = Tap W
  • Slow Down/ Reverse = Tap S
  • Activate Short Burst Warp Drive (has a Cool Down) = Left Shift
  • Inventory = I
  • Star Map = M
  • Use a Utility item = F
  • Interact = E

How we built it

Starfall Galaxy was developed using a combination of advanced technologies. Our team began by utilizing Nightcafe, DALLE-2, and other image generation platforms to create stunning concept art and establish a visual direction for the game. Next, we employed MIRO to layout the general gameplay and establish future objectives for the project. To bring our vision to life, Immortal.MF and Dirty Boots collaborated to create modular 3D models using Blender and 3Ds Max. The development team then used Unity and Visual Studios to build and deploy the project to Github. To expedite the development process, we leveraged the power of Open AI's Chat-GPT3 and some free Unity Asset store assets and sound effects as placeholders.

How we leveraged Thirdweb’s front-end, back-end, and blockchain SDKs

Thanks to Ackoxx, we were able to implement many of Thirdwebs SDKs to create an innovative and unique gaming experience for end-users. The following are the key ways in which the SDKs were utilized:

  1. Login with MetaMask, Coinbase, or Wallet Connect: End-users can easily log into the game using their preferred wallet, providing a secure and convenient way to manage their digital assets.
  2. We created (Fluxx): A custom ERC-20 token, Fluxx, serves as the in-game currency. Players can purchase Fluxx directly from the game to use for various purposes.
  3. NFT Drop Collection: The Starfall Galaxy dev team has created an NFT air drop collection with in-game 3D assets, adding a new level of uniqueness and value to the gaming experience.
  4. A marketplace was created within the game, where users can buy, sell, and trade NFTs using Fluxx. Each user is able to mint one NFT for free from the marketplace and purchase additional NFTs as desired.
  5. Gameplay with NFTs: Users can play the game using the NFTs stored in their wallets, adding a new level of ownership and value to the gaming experience.
  6. In Development: Rewards (Fluxx): Users can gain Fluxx as rewards for achieving tasks and goals within the game. This feature is unfortunately not functional at the moment and is still being worked on. But all other aspects of the game should be fully functional.

Overall, our team has leveraged Thirdweb’s SDKs to create a unique and engaging gaming experience that incorporates blockchain technology.

Challenges we ran into

Throughout this game jam/ hackathon we faced several challenges. The team encountered some difficulties with Unity, as many of us had limited experience with it. This created a learning curve, but also provided us with an opportunity to grow and develop new skills.

Additionally, two new team members joined the project around a week in, which impacted the timeline of the project. Despite having strong credentials, one team member didn't perform to the level that was expected. This resulted in some tasks being delayed and added to the workload of others.

We also experienced some miscommunication, which led to team members taking a different approach than what was originally planned. However, this presented a chance for us to reflect on our communication style and find ways to improve it moving forward.

While some of us had to deal with personal challenges such as moving, health issues, and work commitments, we remained committed to making the project a success. Despite being in different time zones, we did our best to communicate effectively and keep the project on track.

We understand that not everyone was able to prioritize the project as much as they would have liked, but we believe that the team as a whole can learn from these experiences and continue to improve in future projects. By working together and overcoming these challenges, we can continue to grow and achieve great things.

Moving forward, we must learn from these lessons and aim to address these issues in our future projects.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to stay consistent with team meetings and improved our communication skills while working full time jobs, balancing family, life, hobbies, school, working on other projects and everything in-between . We're proud to have gained expertise in using the Unity game engine, working with Thirdweb's SDKs, and acquiring new programming skills like C#. Additionally, we gained valuable experience collaborating with individuals across the globe, despite the challenges of different time zones. Our dedication and hard work have enabled us to achieve these accomplishments and we are excited to leverage our skills for future endeavors.

What we learned

That its really difficult to manage a team remotely especially when everyone lives in different time zones 3 of the 5 team members finally learned how to use git hub which was

What's next for Starfall Galaxy

Looking ahead for Starfall Galaxy, we have a comprehensive game design ready for various phases of development. With the right resources and manpower, we plan to refine and optimize our code for scalability, add features like Factions & Guilds, full ship customization with minting, terraforming & mining of planets and asteroids, and implement multiplayer networking. Leveraging the power of Unreal Engine, players will be able to customize and decorate their ship's cabin, and fully manage their crew and infantry. Additionally, we plan to implement an engaging story to further enhance the gaming experience. Our vision is to bring Starfall Galaxy to life and provide an immersive, exciting game for players to enjoy.

Check out our breakdown over at hashnode

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