A lot of people around us have gone out of their way to educate and help each and everyone of us and we are so grateful we want to give back to the world, especially to the people who can use every bit of help possible during a tough patch in their life

What it does

Empowers and educates the general population to make well-informed decisions when the economy is in, or about to be, in a recession

How I built it

Used python to parse raw data and created indexes to parse through, for three different criteria, and accumulated trends to make an educated prediction

Challenges I ran into

Determining the necessary criteria that is valid to run these analytics and still be scientifically correct

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a meaningful and cool project from scratch in 35 hours (1 hour was used to thoroughly enjoy all the great food during this hackathon)

What I learned

Node.js in one night and how to communicate in a team

What's next for skyFall

Eradication of ill-advised decisions with the aide of education

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