Current inflight duty free shopping is limited in information to just few pages of paper magazines (rarely with full image of a product). This is a huge blocker for flyers to make a final buying decision, especially considering how people generally intend to buy expensive items at the duty free. Potential buyers are easily distracted in flight while reading through magazines, making it impossible to concentrate on each item they are considering to buy.

What it does

Sky Collection provides an immersive shopping experience through showcasing items in a luxury virtual shop. Flyers are able to slide through items, pick and zoom in for 360 view of an item, and place items in a shopping basket for the payment. The darkroom and spotlight effect creates an exclusive mood and allows users to concentrate on each item to gain full experience and information which leads to a more confident buying decision.

How we built it

Sky Collection is built on Unity for Google VR Daydream. We have strategically utilized gvr controller api for a seamless user experience. Items are currently uploaded as DAE files from publicly available resources. For future improvements, Sky Collection can be integrated with leading e-commerce platforms to present dynamic shopping experience even at the 30,000 ft in the sky.

Challenges we ran into

Daydream's limitation on no-absolute-positioning input was a big challenge. We did not let this challenge limit the user shopping experience by showcasing items in a surrounding cylinderical way rather than allowing user to walk around the collection showroom. Also the lack of reference for Daydream API and its dependency issues slowed our process. The Daydream API for Unity was quite unstable due to its Android SDK, JDK library dependencies. The lack of descriptive documentation, and community for Daydream development made it difficult for us to complete our product with full-functionalities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud to present the fully immersive experience of looking through duty free items with focus and information about them. This allows for the shopping itself to be a pleasurable experience in flight rather than a mission to find an appropriate item to buy from the current text-heavy magazines to get the duty free benefit. This will naturally lead to significantly increased sales revenue for both airlines and vendors.

What we learned

It was everyone's first Unity or just VR exposure. We are all very impressed by the capabilities of the platform and excited about endless possibilities and opportunities we can explore through the power of VR. We believe VR is a new channel of technology that empowers humans to dare the previously unreachable.

What's next for SkyCollection

Sky Collection will take current platform further by allowing for users to create virtual environments where customers can leisurely place items to see first-hand how the item fits to a certain outfit, living room, car interior, or even a garden. This gamification of shopping will significantly improve the inflight experience as flyers feel they are spending often unproductively used for a constructive future planning.

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