Sky Messages like banners behind an Airplane and Contrail messages have been the best way to get peoples attention. That's how this lens idea came to my mind and thought of making such experience in Augmented Reality

What it does

My lens lets you write Personalized messages that can be displayed in the sky in two different ways. 1st one is the Banner Style and 2nd is the Sky Writing.

How we built it

I built this lens Using the amazing sky segmentation on Lens Studio, This segmentation perfectly segments out my 3D models and texts objects to only show in the sky, which gives users an amazing experience of Augmented Reality in sky. I used 3D plane models available in the Lens Studio Asset library, Also added VFX and a lot of Tweens to my Lenses. Overall to make my lens a user friendly experience many behavior scripts were also incorporated.

Challenges we ran into

Making this complex Lens a more user friendly experience for people, we had to add a lot of hints on each step of the lens so that all can have fun with this lens and share this one of a kind AR experience on their spotlight.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I'm proud that I could make this complex creative lens in a much easy to understand way for all users.

What we learned

Lens Studio is a very powerful tool by which you can create any possible idea of yours in Augmented Reality with very much ease.

What's next for Sky Writing

I would add an another option where you can control the plane with a navigation controller and then users can draw anything in sky with the contrail behind the Airplane

Built With

  • behavior
  • lens
  • lensstudio
  • segmentation
  • spotlight
  • studio
  • tween
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