We have always wanted to make our own virtual reality game because of all of the possibilities it opens. Virtual reality is the future that we are heading into, and VR/AR skills are in high demand. We were all incredibly excited to learn about this new area in technology, and the learning process we underwent opened our eyes to an entirely new world of opportunities. Combining our passion in gaming and programming, we created SK VR.

What it does

Our VR game, SK VR, is aimed to make VR more accessible to the public while opening many new opportunities for growth and development. With our game, we intend on it to work on a variety of systems, including google cardboard. Our game is a RPG FPS dungeon shooter that progressively gets harder as you go on. However, it is so much more than just a game - it is the start of an adventure in a new universe and plane of reality.

How we built it

We walked into this hackathon without any prior knowledge of unity, but much excitement to start learning. Since this is our first time learning and using unity, we had to spend much time researching. The map textures and some models were custom made and 3d modeled by us, in the unity platform and in blender. We used C# in Visual Studio Code, which was a challenge, but we had grown a lot through the process.

Challenges we ran into

Learning to use Unity, working with virtual reality, and writing in C# were all road bumps. Furthermore, due to not being able to have the virtual reality headset along with us in the beginning (and only recieving it at 8:30 today), we found many issues with our current setup.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we took on a huge challenge of learning an entirely new system and built the basics of the game we wanted, all within 24 hours, with two members being completely new to hackathons! Most of all, we are proud that we learned and grew this weekend, while having fun.

What's next for SKVR

With all of our new knowledge, we plan on expanding SKVR even more. We may also create hand detection utilizing the built in cameras, to replace controllers on platforms such as the google cardboard. SKVR is far from being complete and there will be more weapons, enemies in the future. Once this game becomes more complete, we may release it on steam, google playstore, and on PSVR.

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