We wanted to create new and engaging learning materials that are complimented through immersive tech.

What it does

Utilising AR glasses and SnapDragon Spaces we created a solution that brings up 3D models when target images are located. The 3D models can be moved and manipulated with the use of hand tracking and raytracing control, allowing users to better understand the subject matter of human physiology. Through a navigation tool, you are also able to put yourself in a movie cinema to whats mp4 content (In case the idea of immersive and interactive technologies is a bit too overwhelming).

How we built it

We used SnapDragon Spaces, Unity, OpenXR plugins, visual studio, and all the VR physics required.

Challenges we ran into

Very Steep learning curve for SnapDragon spaces, fortunately the team was extremely knowledgable and very helpful. Extra user video materials:

Accomplishments that we're proud of

That we managed to get a working project out in the time limit required. For many team members it was their first in person hackathon and/or their first time working with Unity.

What we learned

How to use SnapDragon Spaces and all the complexities that come with working with AR glasses/hardware.

What's next for Skully

Some much needed rest before we show off to all our friends and families what we managed to pull off in a weekend. It's a solid piece of work as well as a solid business case. We're all proud for pulling off this amazing achievement.

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