Passion about crypto x art made us push the limit for high quality 3D generative art. Inspired by the Degen Apes, Solana Monkey Business and other first movers we felt empowered to push NFT Collections even a bit further.

What it does

Our focus is primarily on the 3D custom art that should stick out to the owners. The complete collection of 6000 is sold out in fair launch across the community.

How we built it

The process of defining the motive took a very long time by sketching with pen & paper. We explored Pixel Art and generative art concepts and scripts. The final Design was custom build in Cinema 4D and Redshift and each elements was combined with a script to generate 6000 unique permutations with the respective Metadata (json files). Afterwards all images have been uploaded to Arweave using the Metaplex NFT Standards. The final distribution was supported by candy machine fair launch which allowed every user to mint and own his/her own Skulls NFT.

Challenges we ran into

Delivering a successful NFT Collection is not just about the art we learned. We focussed mainly on this part, while there is also a community to be managed, technical issues moving from Dev to Mainnet, thinking and actually building utility into a project and more. The complexity is way more challenging than what most people see on the outside when they just look at some pixelart.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

There have been a few technical issues that we did not expect and the time pressure has been insane. We had a few little delays, but managed to deliver everything as pormised to our community in time.

What we learned

The learning curve was extreme during these couple of weeks and multidimnesional.

  • How to make gnerative art
  • How to properly test all the elements on Devnet and then delpoying to the mainnet + hosting
  • Working together with a very diverse set of people all over the world
  • Keeping the focus and strong nerves even if not everything evolves as planned

What's next for

Now that our collection is done, we need to work on a solid Roadmap that the team is able to deliver to our community. We have big events planned for Halloween, especially because our skulls fit perfect into the theme. Roadmap ideas being evaluated rn:

  • Art Competitions to inspired derivatives
  • High Quality SkullsWTF Clothing
  • Real Life Art Gallery Show
  • Metaverse Utility

Built With

  • arweave
  • candymachine
  • cinema4d
  • discord
  • generativeart
  • javascript
  • metaplex
  • redshift
  • rust
+ 73 more
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