Companies looking for innovative ideas and young talents. Students want to enhance their knowledge, work in great communities and have financial backup. Luckily, the companies can usually provide that as well as students have fresh ideas and motivation. But how do they find together? This is where SKRYPT jumps in.

What it does

SKRYPT is a blockhain based platform built on DCore. It's using Decent Token as its internal asset. It enables knowledge exchange and hands-on-projects. Fresh ideas and young talents for companies and a great community and financial backup for students.

How does it work?

Students receive Decent Token for participation in SKRYPT.

The company uploads its challenge to SKRYPT, including time frame, requirements and prizes (in Decent Token) for the winning team. It provides as much knowledge content (videos, documents) as possible to enable the students to deliver the best solution for their challenge possible.

The student signs up to the challenge, finds teammates within the SKRYPT-community, gains new knowlegde with the content provided and uploads an amazing solution to SKRYPT.

The company selects the best solution and announces the winning team. Decent Token are equally shared within the team. The company has the chance to review the participants as well as students can rate their teammates.

How we built it

Extreme programming. Try. Fail. Improve. Repeat.

Challenges we ran into

Finding the core of SKRYPT. Bugs. Lack of sleep.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Amazing teamwork. Complenting and motivating each other. Intense discussions and exciting outcome.

What we learned

Don't give up. Coffee makes everything better.

What's next for SKRYPT

First: Validation. Run a pilot project, get feedback, enhance SKRYPT features.

Second: Offer opportunity for content sharing. Create a video library companies can upload their content to as well as access other companies content provided in exchange of Decent Token.

Third: Include Universities into SKRYPT. Enable students to earn extra credits by attending challenges. Empower them to apply their knowledge and work on hands-on-projects.

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