• Jairo Bedolla was struggling to find a ride back home after HackSC.
  • Facebook RideShare groups are unorganized and hard to find.

What it does

  • organizes RideShares in one community, allowing students to find rides to other colleges for cheap.

How we built it

  • used figma to design the app
  • used xcode and swift to code the app
  • used facebook sdk to gather data to organize
  • created a sorting algorithm that searched facebook posts for keywords, allowing the app to automatically generate rideshare posts to its own server.

Challenges we ran into

  • facebook went down for a little while
  • sorting algorithm was much harder to create than integrate
  • language barrier (¾ of us don’t know xcode)
  • had to sleep

Accomplishments that we’re proud of

  • user interface is clean and user-friendly
  • algorithm is complex and works efficiently
  • idea is practical and desireable

What we learned

  • swift
  • how to use facebook sdk to gather data from users.
  • jairo learned what an api is

What’s next for skrrrt

  • gain access to all california rideshare forums
  • improve user interface
  • integrate more facebook elements to improve connectivity
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