Everyday we struggle with connecting with our teachers. We would have trouble finding them and it was just hard to communicate with them. We needed to find a way to get access to our teachers. Along with this, we needed to have a more efficient way of being aware of school events and other sources.

What it does

Our website has multiple features. For the message section, you are able to input your phone number and communicate with your teacher. In the "teacher finder" page, you are able to locate your teacher and ask them whether or not they are available. There is a tutoring section where students can see the available tutors for different subjects. The grades are connected to Powerschool and it notifies you whether or not your grade has increased or decreased. In our announcements page, it tells you about all the upcoming events. Lastly, there is a hotline section for anyone who is facing problems and need someone to listen to them.

How we built it

We first brainstormed things in our lives that could be fixed or improved, mostly around education. We started coding HTMLl/CSS in GitHub and used multiple resources. Then built the individual website pages with Wix. Then we used Twilio for the communication panel with our phones.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into multiple challenges, our first challenge was figuring out which idea was the best and most feasible. Then we ran into problems with the coding portion, with basics skills it was hard to add things. We also ran into a problem with Twilio because it is still in Beta. Thanks to the mentors, we were able to learn the correct way and we were able to finish our project. In the Wix portion, there were times were we forgot to save our progress and it would be erased which was difficult because we had to start over. Also it was hard for us to work on things at the same time.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we never gave up and we continued and finished our project. We worked great as a team and we all put in hard work by asking for help and collaborated great. We made sure to stay honest and have a respectful relationship supporting each others great ideas. We are also proud of the fact that we asked a lot of questions when we did not understand certain things and learned a lot even though we had little to no skills.

What we learned

We learned how to use Twilio and what Twilio actually was. Also working with GitHub we advanced our knowledge in coding languages such as HTML and CSS. We also learned that Python is very difficult to use but a really great tool. We learned that it is a good thing to get exposed to these kind of events at a young age and meet new girls. We also learned many life lessons from all the sponsors and mentors that came to support us, showing us that if we are dedicated, we can complete any task we set our mind to!

What's next for SkoolApp

We are hoping to expand our website into an app, and then begin implementing it into schools in the area. We believe that this can be a requisite tool in aiding communication in schools across the globe. We hope to continue working on this project as a team, and gain valuable experiences in the STEM program.

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