Sometimes you and your friends are furiously working on problems sets. You don't waste valuable time to go and get a snack. So why not have the snack come to you.

What it does

Skittle Shooter brings skittles right to your mouth. It tracks your head and launches Skittles into your mouth the moment you open them.

How we built it

Skittle Shooter uses a trained a neural network to detect if you mouth is open and does computer vision on a nVidia Jetson TX2 to detect the location of your mouth. A feeder system then drop skittles into a shooter wheel which launches it into your mouth.

Challenges we ran into

Training the neural network in Microsoft Azure required several iterations before it could consistently determine if your mouth was open or closed. The other big challenge was getting the shooter to be as consistent as possible. Having a consistent feeder that would load the candy in the same orientation made a big difference.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We built 3 iterations of the shooter advancing the design each time. Different members also worked on different systems (mechanical, controls, vision) in the end all the systems interfaced cohesively.

What I learned

Its easy to choke on Skittles especially if they are being shot into your throat... Also back up your work! An nVida Jetson died on us and we had to re-write code :( .

What's next for Skittles Shooter

We could defiantly improve some of the machine vision and learning aspects. Perhaps it throws Skittles at you if it sees your sad or stressed. We would also consider using directional microphones so you could call for snacks.

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