Bibek: Growing up in Nepal,I only had one library in my town; it housed a collection of dusty, ancient books, none of which I was interested in reading. I always dreamed of building the largest library with the largest collection of books in my village in Nepal. This dream of mine was the inspiration to SkiTi which uses QR codes as a way of building library on a digital scale.

Anthony: At an old computing job of mine, my boss hired me to make a QR-based data storage app for keeping track of vineyard plants. I thought the idea was unique, because QR technology seemed to be something that came-and-went in the mainstream view. I wanted to consider what other nifty things it could be utilized for, so with the combined brainpower of Bibek and myself, SkiTi was born.

What it does

Through this platform, users can print the QR codes available in the website and create a library anywhere in the world. This allows students from any parts of the globe to conveniently access the books that are hosted in the cloud.

How I built it

First, Anthony and I brainstormed the idea. In order to create this platform, we needed a server to host our data. This is where Microsoft Azure Service came into play. We hosted all of our data, including the webpages, in the cloud. Furthermore, we used our HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript skills to create static webpages for each book. These webpages link to a free Pdf of each book. Anthony was primarily responsible for the backend; setting up Microsoft Azure and the files. We also added a #healthyconversation tweet feature in our website.

Challenges I ran into

There were many challenges we ran into. The first one involved finding a reliable server to host the data. After considering several options, we settled on the Microsoft Azure platform. The second challenge involved making the app mobile compatible. We researched and learned a lot about web formatting and were finally able to make it mobile friendly.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am very proud of both of us. (Me and Anthony). We slept almost 6 hrs during this 36hrs hackathon. Both of us were really committed and wanted to make this a reality. We are really proud that our vision of making books accessible to everyone has taken a step forward.

What We learned

We learned a lot about ourselves. We learned that we should keep striving despite the obstacles. Rather than running away from problems, we should make ourselves strong enough to face them and overcome them. Only then can you make a change in the world.

What's next for SkiTi

We plan to continue expanding our library, and postering QR codes around our respective campuses.

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