We wanted to the peer-reviewing process much more convenient. Similarly to sites like Stack Overflow, we wanted to make it so people could contribute in a faster method.

What it does

SkipTheEdits is a more anonymous form of non-biased peer-to-peer review for essay-type documents.

How we built it

SkipTheEdits is built on PHP, HTML, and JavaScript for all the back-end development. We implemented databases using MySQL and Google Cloud to host the server.

Challenges we ran into

Some challenges we ran into include importing and exporting documents to a server only using PHP and MySQL. Developing an editing software and making sure that the changes were saved onto the document.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Finding a way to parse .docx files into raw text to upload to a server. This allowed us to display and edit the essays without saving the actual files to our servers.

What we learned

As a mixed group of expertise in different languages, the learning we got which may be simple to others were exponential to us. Implementation of PHP and SQL to connect and link user data together was a break through as some members only had experienced Java. Gained experience with finding a method to display a docx file onto our web through an API implementation. Developing tools for editing plain text and saving multiple changes to a database.

What's next for SkipTheEdits

Add more functionality as current features may be limited for depth. For any future upgrades we may focus on more profile based settings and functions along with features in the actual editing process.

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